a b o u t

i'm sheila and i was born april 24th in the year of the dragon. that makes me a taurus with moon in pisces, venus in aries, and mars in cancer.

i am a slave to the bean. venti tuxedo mochas, though i've been known to imbibe in tea on occasion. i cannot give up the dew. i go to the movies a lot. i read lots of genre fiction, too!

goals in life? to make it on ew's it list.

this blog is about stuff i want to talk about. movies, books, comic books, cartoons, music, and writing... the occasional random babbling. in other words... um nothing.

my very bestfriends in the whole wide world will post here sometimes. jessica cause she can, and she's very witty. kristel, the girl with the secret occupation.

looking for things that are more interesting - check out the sidebar.

feel free to comment.

you've all been a wonderful audience, but that's my time.